ATS specializes in academic and research-based video production services, including classroom lecture capture, studio recordings, single and multi-camera recordings of seminars and special campus events, live webcasting and faculty eLearning content development.

To Book a production, or to book studio time, contact our office:

(530) 752-2133 


Classroom Recording

Faculty members who wish to record their lectures for later review by students through UC Davis Canvas may want to use our classroom recording service. Using portable HD recording carts, we provide a high-quality, student-based classroom recording service. These carts are designed to be wheeled into a classroom and set up quickly before classes, so a classroom lecture can easily be recorded. Instructors may also wish to use these recorded lectures for the future development of online materials. The programs are typically available for viewing online within 24 hours.


Studio Recording

ATS has an 850-square-foot, fully-equipped television studio located in Surge II for recording demonstrations and interviews. The studio makes it easy to record online content and course materials. The TV studio includes a green screen, teleprompter and an LTN Global broadcast connection for live faculty interviews with national media such as CNN, Fox News and PBS.


Recording Seminars and Special Events

Using our remote High Definition flypack, we can provide a live two-to-four camera switched recording of large University events and seminars. ATS records these events digitally and can stream the event live or provide on-demand file for viewing on UC Davis Canvas, YouTube, iTunes U or on the UCTV website.

Streaming Media

ATS' "Aggie Video" uses Kaltura, a YouTube-like video management portal that assists faculty with uploading, managing, and streaming video content for their students through UC Davis Canvas. ATS also provides live video webcasting for events.