In the case of an emergency campus closure or other event that may interrupt the normal meeting times of a course, creating and sharing online video content is one strategy for supplementing existing course materials and bridging gaps between class meetings. This guide lists strategies and resources for implementing your own approach to teaching online with video.

Streaming Video and Audio

Information and Educational Technology - Academic Technology Services maintains a video streaming service exclusively for UC Davis faculty and staff called AggieVideo ( where instructors can record, edit, archive, and distribute video, much like YouTube.

We recommend you begin with the Getting Started section on the home page of AggieVideo, which links to instructions for logging in and navigating within AggieVideo, posting a video to Canvas, requesting captions, creating and sharing video playlists, and many other tasks.

Recording and Sharing Screencasts

You can record your own videos with Kaltura Capture, a personal capture program in AggieVideo that can record your computer screen, camera, and audio. Recordings can be directly uploaded into AggieVideo for editing, sharing, or easy integration into Canvas. Instructions for getting started with Kaltura Capture are also available from the Getting Started section on the home page of AggieVideo.

If you prefer to upload your own videos directly into Canvas with the rich content editor, this guide from Canvas will show you how:

If you need assistance with Canvas, support is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week by calling (844) 303-8285.

On-campus DIY Recording Resources

Lastly, although availability may be limited or not possible during a full campus closure, IET-Academic Technology Services maintains a self-service media lab in the basement of Hutchison Hall for instructional video and audio production, including a studio with green screen and Learning Glass recording options, as well as video editing suites with podcasting and screencasting capabilities.  Information and an example video can be found at   Contact to schedule a tour or your first recording session.