Aggie Video uses Kaltura, a YouTube-like video management portal that allows faculty and staff to upload, manage, host and stream video content for teaching and learning.  Aggie Video provides both public space and private space for faculty to store and share media. Aggie Video is also accessible via mobile devices.

Aggie Video Public Space

The homepage for Aggie Video is located at:   The Aggie Video homepage is public space and all content is accessible to the general public without logging in.   Aggie Video content is shown as a series of thumbnails, which can be clicked on to select and play the video.

Accessing  Video Clips on Aggie Video

Video content on the Aggie Video homepage is divided into Featured, Latest VideosMost Popular Videos, and Staff Picks playlists for easily navigation of the content.  Each video contains  a clip title, program length and number of views.  To view a video, click the thumbnail.
Click on the Home tab in the navigation bar to return to the homepage at:

Searching for Media

In addition to the playlists, you can find video content in Aggie Video by searching for keywords that might be found in titles, tags or video descriptions.  To search for a specific video or topic, click the search button, type the word or phrase into the "Search all Media" box and press enter.
A list of videos will appear from the search.  Click on the thumbnail to view the video or click on the Home tab in the navigation bar to return to the homepage at:

Searching using Channel Navigation Menus

You can also search for video content by using the "channel" navigation bars at the top of the homepage.  The channels sort video content by Schools, Colleges or Subjects and is an easy way to find content based on a department or area of interest. Hover the mouse over the navigation bar to reveal a drop-down menu with further options.

Aggie Video Private Space

In addition to public space, Aggie Video also has private space for faculty to upload, manage, and host video content that can be shared privately to select and authorized viewers.  This private space is called My Media and can be accessed through the Aggie Video homepage at:

Accessing My Media in Aggie Video

To access Aggie Video private space, you will have to login from the homepage at  From the drop-down "Guest" menu,  click on the "Login" tab.  You will be re-directed to the campus CAS Authentication page.  Enter your CAS Login ID and Passphrase.
You will know if you are logged in to your private space when you see your user ID at the top of the page.
To access your "My Media" space, click on the "My Media" tab from the drop-down menu.

My Media Space

"My Media" is your own private MediaSpace for uploading, editing, managing and editing your media content.  Your "My Media" page contains files of all your uploaded media content.  From this page you can upload new video content,  add tags, title and descriptions for your videos, edit, and trim your videos and finally publish your videos or create playlists to share.

How to Upload Media to Aggie Video

1.  From your "My Media" page, click on the "Add New" tab at the top of the page and select Media Upload from the drop down menu.
2.  You will be prompted to "Choose a file to upload."  After selecting the file from your computer or hard drive, click Open in the Content Browser window
3.  An activity thermometer will indicate the progress of the upload and inform you when the upload is complete.  If your file is large, uploading the media could take several minutes.
4.  Now is a good time to complete the required information about your uploaded media.  Start by editing the clip Name.
5. Your Description will be displayed under the media thumbnail when you publish it.  It is useful to include the date and a brief summary of the media clip.  Remember that keywords from this description can be found during a "Search."
6. Tags can also be used to identify content and subject areas.  Tags help you and others find your video during a search, so please make them descriptive.
7. Before you click Save, you have the option of marking this clip as Private, Unlisted, or Published.  Select Private if you do not intend to share this media resource.  Select Unlisted if you intend to link to this media resource, but do not want it on the public facing site.  You must finish uploading and saving your media before you can select Published.  Published media will be viewable on the public homepage for Aggie Video at:  Be sure to click Save, before you return to the My Media page.