Video Production

ATS provides a comprehensive range of professional video production services including:

  • Small Format Productions (DV, DVD,VHS, Streaming)
  • Non-broadcast single camera recordings of lectures/seminars/ special events
  • Broadcast Format Productions
  • Broadcast recordings of lectures/seminars/special events
  • Studio Productions
  • Faculty Interviews via AT&T video fiber hub (PBS, CNN, MSNBC)
  • Emergency Operation Media Center
  • Big Board Video Display/Daktronics
  • ICA/Pavilion/Multi-Purpose Stadium Sports and Special Events

Actual production schedule is based on need (some productions occur evening and weekends).

Available on a 90/10 cost-sharing basis (10% faculty/dept., 90% IET-ATS) for instructional use with verification; or 100% recharge for non-instructional use. Recharge costs varies based on type of service (labor rates) and equipment needs.

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