Editing Your Video Content in My Media

Once you Save the required information, you can view that uploaded media in My Media.  Thumbnails of all your uploaded clips appear on the My Media page.  Note, each thumbnail clip is labeled as Private,  Unlisted or Public status.    You can Edit  or Delete each clip by clicking on the Edit or Delete tab at the right of each media clip.

Click the Edit tab to access the Edit page.   Using a series of tabs, the Edit page allows you to change the clip Name, Description or Tag information, allow viewers  Options to create clips of the video or comment on the video, add Captions or edit and Trim the  video clip.    


Click on the Details tab on the Edit page to edit the Name, Description or Tags for each video clip.  Be sure to click Save to save all changes and edits.


The Options tab allows you to enable viewers to create clips from this video and disable or close comments/discussion about this media clip.  Be sure to click Save to save all changes and edits.


The Captions tab allows you to upload a SRT caption file for your movie clip. (Note:  DFXP captions formats are not yet supported in Aggie Video.)    Click the Upload  caption file button to select the SRT file for the video.

Click the Browse icon to select an SRT file from your computer.  

Once the file is uploaded, you can add the language of the caption text and label the caption file as it will appear in the caption selector on your video player.  Be sure to click the Save button when all the information has been added.

Information about the uploaded caption file will now appear under the Captions tab.   Click on an icon under Actions to Edit the label or Language text, Delete the caption file or Download/View the SRT caption file.

You can enable the captioning window on the video player by clicking the CC icon selecting the appropriate caption file name.

Trim Video

The Trim Video tab allows you to edit the beginning or end of your video clip.  Play the video clip using the provided video player.   Use the Set Starting Point tab and Set Ending Point tab to mark your new start and stop times.  You can preveiw the new clip as needed.  

Click the Trim Video tab to create your new clip.  A Trim Confirmation page will appear to confirm that you want to replace the original clip with the new edited clip.  Press the Trim Video tab to proceed.

Once you save the new clip, you again have the opportunity to edit and add to the Name, Description, Tags and Publish the clip for Private, Unlisted or Public viewing.  Press Create Clip when you are done.

Creating Clips

From the Edit menu, you also have the option of Creating Clips from your uploaded video.  These Created Clips will not replace the original uploaded video, but can be used to create individual movies for a playlist.  To create new video clips from an uploaded video, clip the Create Clips button.

Create the clip by setting new start and end times.  You can preview the new clip as many times as necessary.

Once you have created the clip, add your medadata including the clip Name, Description and Tags.  Click on the Create Clip button when you are finished.  The new clip will be added to your MY Media space.

Creating a Playlist

A playlist can be created to allow viewers to watch a series or related video clips.  To create a playlist, select all the media you would like to be included in the playlist.  

Click on the Actions button from the My Media page and select Add to playlist.

You will have the option to Create a new playlist or select from a previously created playlist.  Once you have created or selected a playlist, click on the Save button.  Once saved, you can click on the Go To My Playlists button.  

Your new playlist is now on display.  I will contain all your selected media clips from MY Media.   Click on the Embed button to configure your playlist player and embed code.

Your playlist can have a horizonal or vertical layout or a dark or light color.  Once you have selected the look of your playlist, Save your Changes.  Copy the embed code into your webpage to play the videos or share with others.

You can access all your playlists from the dropdown login menu at the top of My Media or the homepage.

Sharing Video

You can share a Private or Unlisted video by clicking on the video thumbnail of the video you wish to share from My Media.  

From the Player screen, click on the Share button to find links and embed code to the video for sharing.

You have three options for sharing your video content.  The Link to Media Page tab provides a http link that you can send to viewers or place in UC Davis Canvas.

You can also provide detailed embed code to viewers by clicking on the Embed tab.   The Embed option allows you to select the embed type, the player skin and player size for each video.  

The oEmbed tab allows you to send a tiny url to viewers based on the player features you selected from the Embed tab.